ACDC Cookies

When you cross a legendary THC cultivar with a high potency CBD genetic, you get a one-of-a-kind result. This award-winning strain features the distinct aromas of fennel and anise. With a THC:CBD ratio of 1:3, and high total cannabinoid content, this cultivar is an industry standout.


Fruit Cake

Unlike a traditional fruitcake, this cultivar is a favourite you'll want to keep on hand for all occasions. Lit Farms crossed Cookies & Cream with Plum Wine to create Fruit Cake, a hybrid blend of interesting and unique genetics. Expect aromas of spice and pepper, with tropical undertones of pineapple, mango and grapefruit, for a powerful effect.

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LA Kush Cake

Named Best Personal Flower at the 2019 Emerald Cup Awards. Wedding Cake and Kush Mints were crossed to create this cultivar which packs a powerful punch. The Cake strains are some of the most popular cultivars on the market today, well-regarded for their high potency and cake-like terpene profile.


Mandarin Cookies

Mandarin Cookies will hook you with its sweet floral and citrus aromas. This cultivar has been recognized with numerous High Times Best Product Awards in 2019 and was named one of High Times’ Top Ten Strains of 2018. For us, Mandarin Cookies represent all that is good about bringing cultivars to life.

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Zour Apples

Two heavy hitters, Plantman Jack Herer and Ethos Glue, were used to create Zour Apples. A mix of sour and sweet, this cultivar features notes of tangy apple cider alongside sweet vanilla. Ethos Glue is a stabilized form of Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4), a well-recognized genetic co-created by the late Joesy Whales (aka Don Peadbody), whose contribution to cannabis culture has left a lasting impact.

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When the classic terpene aroma of berry meets a sour, grassy flavor— that’s Crescendo. Aptly named after the musical term that indicates a gradual rise in intensity, the effects of this cultivar are powerful and uplifting. Its lineage of Chem Dawg x I-95 x Mandarin Cookies results in the complex flavor we’re passionate about.

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Behind our Cultivars: Mother Plants

When it comes to unique cannabis offerings, not only are we committed to preserving the impactful genetics, but we’re focused on providing our customers with a cultivar experience unlike any other. And what helps us achieve our unique cuts? Our impressive stable of mother plants. 

The mother plant is the plant our cultivation specialists take clones from.  A clone, also known as cutting, is a branch or shoot that is cut off a cannabis plant which will then be rooted out and grown into a full plant itself. A clone has the exact same genetic makeup as the plant it was taken from, which is called the mother plant.

In our Mom Room, mom plants are always kept in vegetative state by maintaining an 18 hours on, six hours off lighting cycle. These long days of light prevent the mother plant from flowering—they only produce shoots, leaves and roots. The new growth is snipped off and grown into a separate cannabis plant with the exact same genetic material as the mom. 

This method of propagation guarantees genetic consistency. So, you end up producing a cannabis cultivar that grows with the same vigour and rate as its mom, produces a homogeneous quality flower, as well as has the same structure, potency, terpenes, colour, and effects of the mom plant. 

What makes a good mother plant? Here’s what we look for:

  • Overall plant health
  • Clean and free of pests and pathogens
  • Vigorous growth and proper plant training
  • Number and quality of cuts that can be taken

Our healthy mom plants, along with our methodical and thoughtful cloning process, play a crucial role as we write our chapter in the story of cannabis. And we have some bad ass, unique mothers in our Mom Room.

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