Exclusive release: Meat Breath

Exclusive release: Meat Breath

Every once in a while, you come across a genetic that deserves its own moment to shine. Enter Meat Breath, available for an exclusive, limited release. 

This cultivar was added to our grow list for many reasons, but the top reason is this: it’s one of the most insane cultivars we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. In fact, its terpene profile is so show stopping it captured not only our attention, but attention from across North America. But more on that later. 

Let’s start with the bag appeal, as it’s truly something to behold. The buds of Meat Breath have such a blue tinge they appear nearly indigo in colour. And the bud structure itself is dense and covered in a thick layer of trichomes. We’re confident that it’s unlike any other cultivar you’ll see on shelves today. 

Now, let’s talk terps. Meat Breath is as spicy as the name suggests and as meaty as they come. The cultivar boasts an aroma that is not only remarkable, but immediately recognizable. Pungent may be the best descriptor for the fragrance that hits the nose first with the scent of savoury meat, followed by lingering undertones of gas. 

We have ThugPug Genetics to thank for this unique cultivar. The legendary Michigan cannabis producer created Meat Breath by crossing Mendo Breath with an unknown mother genetic called Meatloaf. In our view, Meatloaf is the key to this variety’s uniqueness. And while it’s kept a secret by the breeder, we made a point of hunting the meatiest versions of this lineage we could find. 

Of course, we had to leave our Natural History stamp on our version of Meat Breath. Dubbed Alberta Beef Cut by our cultivation specialists—the phenotype, if you’ve been following along—is a cultivar we’ve brought to life in a way that pays homage to our home province’s well-known beef industry. 

Check it out for yourself.