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Natural History’s collection of cultivars are grown from our well-stocked seed bank, which boasts hyped genetics from legendary and respected breeders like ThugPug Genetics, Ethos Genetics and Oni Seed Co. Each Natural History cultivar has been pheno-hunted from large seed lots, and hand selected in conjunction with analytics that examine the look, smell, vigor, structure, terpene profile and potency.

We aim to preserve and celebrate the diversity of cannabis plants, as well as offer a truly unique smoke experience to consumers.


The same great cultivars, in a convenient form factor. Natural History pre-rolls are consistently packed with milled whole bud—no trim—to ensure the same quality, freshness and experience as our flower offerings. Each pack comes with three evenly rolled joints.


Our preservation of the cannabis plant and its rich history starts at the beginning, with our seeds. Quality genetics aside, Natural History seeds empower consumers of all experience levels, as well as offers the excitement and challenge of cultivating their own cannabis plant.



Using our proprietary CO2 extraction method, Natural History’s high terpene, full spectrum extract (HTFSE) vape offerings are free of all other chemicals and additives. The result is a clean, pure cannabis experience that effectively preserves terpenes and cannabinoids.


All the goodness of our HTFSE vapes, but in dab format. Natural History’s extraction specialists use a proprietary CO2 extraction process, which preserves terpenes and cannabinoids, as well as ensures an experience that’s as true to the cultivar as possible.


Rosin pressing is an art form, one our specialists have mastered. The Natural History Rosin experience is clean and remarkably true to the original cultivar.