Meat Breath

Everything about this cultivar screams spice and heat—and we’re here for it. A cross between an unknown genetic called Meatloaf, and Mendo Breath, Meat Breath boasts insane bag appeal with its thick covering of trichomes across a dense bud structure. This cultivar has a spicy pepperoni fragrance with lingering gassy undertones that’s unique and instantly recognizable. Bred by Thug Pug Genetics, it’s no wonder this cultivar earned a spot on Leafly’s Best Cannabis Strains of Summer 2020.

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  • AVG THC: 16-21%
  • AVG CBD: <3%
3 x 0.5g


  • AVG THC: 16-21%
  • AVG CBD: <3%

    Ontario, Alberta


7 May 2021

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